Geography MCQ Questions – All Type Of Geography Questions/Answers

Geography Questions and answers for competitive exams. Indian and World Geography Topics and Questions Types for GK Section.The General Awareness section is a very common part of the paper in every Competition exam. The section is completely Objective and MCQ type and only one answer is correct for each questions.

Indian Geography

Indian and World geography subsection is consists of multiple topics and sub-topics on India and world’s significance, if you wish to score well in overall marks because General Awareness section contains a good fraction of marks and clearing it good enhances your chances to in scoring good overall. The Indian and World geography is a major part of the General Knowledge section and it might consists good marks in total.

Geography Questions & Answers

The Indian and World geography contains the questions based on the Geographical parts of the world and India, the major and significant places and resources available, the materials found on the earth, the layout of the earth, water bodies, questions related to the environment science and ecology etc. So it becomes a good and important part of the section to study and score.

Note: Before applying for the Geography MCQs Test please read more about geography syllabus & Other Important Things mentioned below on this page.

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Syllabus Of Geography:

lets start by reading and knowing the syllabus of Indian and world geography and then we would get a good knowledge about the questions from these topics.

Syllabus: An overview:-The syllabus for the Indian and World Geography sub-section of the General Knowledge section contains various sub-topics, and the questions fall directly from these sub-topics so the list of sub-topics is:-

Geographical knowledge of major parts of the world and India: Basic concepts and terminology about the geography, Indian geographical analysis, Physical layout and setting of India, Geographical analysis of the world and setting. Major places of India and the world. Natural vegetations, Soil and classification of soils etc.
Geomorphology and related knowledge: Layers of the earth and knowledge about it, Geological surveys of the world, physical conditions of the earth, Mountains and hill ranges worldwide etc.

Climatology and atmosphere: The climate of earth and various parts, the atmosphere and its aspects, temperatures and green house effects, Weathers and its cycles etc.

Resources and its conservation:Land, surface and water based resources, energy, minerals and other  rocks, biological resources, marine and sea/ocean resources, forest and wild life resources, conservation of the resources, natural and man-made resources.

Rocks and types of rocks, Minerals and classification of minerals.

Earth and its layers:Metals and materials found on the earth, Crust, Mantle and Core layers of the earth and beyond. Lava and magma based knowledge.

Ecology and environmental analysis of India and world: Environment and related aspects/concepts and terminology, Ecology and bio-diversity of the earth and various places in India and world, Environmental impacts and effects of changes, Hazards and dangers to ecology and environment, Pollution and types, Energy and aspects etc.

Forests: Issues and problems, Afforestation/deforestration, Plants and bio-diversity, conservation of forests and its resources.

Oils and gases: Places, refineries etc.

Animals and plants population, zoos and parks worldwide.

Disasters and disaster management: It includes natural and man-made disasters, natural calamities, floods, drought, earthquakes, volcano eruption, tsunamis, cyclones, hurricanes, tornadoes etc and the management of disasters, disaster recovery system etc.

World geography and geographical analysis of parts of the world.

Mountain ranges and hills.

Oceans and seas: Water bodies, seas and oceans on the earth, knowledge about oceans and seas, various facts, largest and longest, marine life and ecology of the sea/ocean etc.

World Population and facts, country wise population and data and stats.

Crops and classification, types of crops, plantation etc.

So the paper based on this topic will contain the questions from this list only. Let’s have an overview of the questions from this topic and its sub-topics, how on the basic level the questions types is going to be, from the Geography subsection.

So with these sample questions, you’d get a good idea about the questions that may fall from Geography sub section in the General Knowledge section of exam.