GK & Current Affairs Syllabus | General Knowledge Topics for All Competition Exams

Current Affairs & General Knowledge Topics for All Competition Exams -Questions and topics in General Awareness Section of all Competition Exams of 2019-2020.For Government jobs aspirants, multiple government agencies like UPSC or Union Public Service Commission, Staff Selection Commission or SSC and State Public Service Commission etc, conduct recruitment/selection examinations.

Current Affairs gk General Knowledge syllabus Topics for All Competition Exams

Some exams are singly staged while some other difficult type exams have multi-level or stages for candidates to qualify. But there is one thing common in each examination that is the examination paper contains a section which is “General Awareness” or a subjective form or broad definition of General Knowledge which consists of multiple topics and sub topics in it. All the questions from the General Awareness sections are divided in many sub-topics in itself which makes it a long syllabus to cover.

So with this article let’s discuss the topics, pattern and levels of the Current Affairs & General Knowledge questions.

The level and pattern of General Awareness section differs for different examination. Some exams have the limited amount of syllabus attached, while other exams cover it on a broad syllabus basis. So we will cover it along the type of competition exams that includes the General Awareness section in the paper.

Current Affairs & General Knowledge Topics For UPSC Civil Services Examination:-

The UPSC Civil Services examination is based on Preliminary and Mains exam level. General awareness section is included only in the Preliminary stage of Civil Services exam. The syllabus of the General Awareness section for UPSC Civil Services examination is based on multiple and broad category of general knowledge, which also consists of the sub-topics of Indian and world politics, Indian Constitution, History of India and the world, Indian and World Geography, Environmental Science and Ecology, Economics and social development, Current affairs, General Science and applications etc.

Lets see the detailed GK Topics & syllabus For the UPSC Civil Services Examination

GK Topics of the Current affairs, general awareness in national and international significance:-

To assess the knowledge and awareness of candidates towards current events happening around India and the world, this section has multiple questions. Events related to the world and Indian politics, significant discoveries and achievements in the field of science and technology, Awards (world and India), Education and literature, Sports, Economic reports, events of different countries (local and international relations), Terrorism/Anti-terrorism, United Nations and its works in recent times, recent important events in different fields relevant to the general knowledge.

General Knowledge Syllabus & Topics of the Indian and World history along with freedom movements in India:-

History of the India and the World, Civilizations, Kings and their reign, Invasions on India, Empires and their reign, Historical events in Indian and world significance, International relations of India in past, Battles and their impacts, East India company and its acquisition of India, British rule on India. Movements and revolutions in India, Freedom and movements related to the freedom of India, Major revolts and movements of the world.

GK Questions on Indian and world’s geography, emphasizing on current issues, economical and social geography of India and the world, physical geographical aspects.

It includes the Geographical knowledge of major parts of the world and India, resources and Earth materials, Rocks and types of rocks, minerals, representation of Earth and its layers. Forests, Issues and problems, Impact of mal-practices with the Earth, Area-wise distinguishing of metals and minerals, oils and gases, conservation of resources, classification of disasters and disaster management, World geography and significant information about changes in world and economic effects of various aspects.

General Knowledge & Current Affairs topics of Indian Polity, Indian Constitution, Governance, Public Policy, Political System

Indian civics, Indian politics and history of government in India, Important events related to the Indian politics, Political system and its working, Governance and related aspects of a government rule in India, Political parties, Ministries and selection of Governing party, Selection and voting for the government. Indian constitution: Various legislative terms, amendments and sections, provisions, laws and rules, Human rights and duties, policies for the public.

GK Questions & Answers on the Economical and social development Topics, focus on the issues, remedies, policies and plans:

The social development in India, Economic reports and various aspects of a country’s economy, current events related to world’s economy, Indian economy and process divisions, Issues and the remedies to various problems in the development of a country’s economy, Plans and policies for economic and social development of public, national reports and surveys etc.

Environmental science, Biodiversity and Ecology related topics in General Knowledge/General Awareness & Current Affairs Sections in all competitions Exams:-

It consist reports of climate changes, ecological surveys and changes in the bio-diversity and related aspects. The environmental issues and remedies, resources, effects of climate and ecological changes on the world, Pollution, Effects, problems and remedies, Disasters and calamities related to environment and management of problems, Conservation of forests and natural resources, the conventions and meetings about environment.

Topics on the General sciences, science of regular usage and its applications:-

It includes inventions and discoveries in science, history of inventions, general application of science in daily life, Science of body (human), Matter and principles, general science in relation with national and international significance, aspiring projects and related scientific achievements of India and other nations.

So lets now see the types of questions & Topics that come from the General Awareness section in Civil Services Preliminary Exams.

Sample Questions:

1. ‘Dhamma’ or ‘Law of Piety’–

(A) had the essence of all religions
(B) was a revolt against inefficiency in the Buddhist Sangha.
(C) was a new religion which Ashoka founded
(D) laid emphasis on following a mild religious policy

2. Consider the following literary works–

I. Kumara Sambhavam
II. Mudraraksasa
III. Raghuvamsa
IV. Ritusamhara

Which of these were the works of Kalidas?

(A) I, II and III
(B) II, III and IV
(C) I, III and IV
(D) I, II and IV

3. Who was the political Guru of Netaji?
(A) Patel
(B) Gokhale
(C) C.R. Das
(D) Tilak

4. In which year did the Congress Party form the Government under the British Rule?

(A) 1937
(B) 1939
(C) 1936
(D) 1938

5. Who was the editor of the Magazine ‘Harijan’?

(A) M. K. Gandhiji
(B) Tilak
(C) Bharathiyar
(D) Motilal

6. Jallianwala Bagh Massacre, 1919 occurred at–

(A) Meerut
(B) Panipat
(C) Amritsar
(D) Patiala

7. In a sense the political guru of Gandhiji was–

(A) Motilal Nehru
(B) Gopal Krishna Gokhale
(C) Dadabhai Naoroji
(D) Surendra Nath Banerjee

8. How is the change in government in modern State carried out?

(A) Through violence and bloodshed
(B) Through compromise and electoral adjustments among the competing forces
(C) Through elections and smooth transfer of power
(D) By bringing all aspects of life to a standstill

9. The President of India must have completed the age of–

(A) 25 years
(B) 35 years
(C) 30 years
(D) 40 years

10. The President of India by order constitutes a Finance Commission every–

(A) third year
(B) fifth year
(C) fifth year or earlier as necessary
(D) seventh year

11. As per the Constitution of India, the intervening period between two sessions of Parliament should not be more than–

(A) one year
(B) nine months
(C) six months
(D) three months

12. In an election, electioneering has to cease in a constituency–

(A) 2 days before the poll
(B) 48 hours before the commencement of polling
(C) 48 hours before the closing hour of polling
(D) 24 hours before the poll

13. When the goods are imported for the purpose of export, it is called–

(A) import
(B) export
(C) entre-port
(D) none of these

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GK Syllabus & Topics of SSC Examination:- SSC GK

The General Awareness section in the Tier I paper of SSC CGL, exams of SSC CHSL, Stenographer, Junior Engineer etc have the same level and pattern of the questions of General Awareness section. Let’s have a look at the syllabus and level of questions of General awareness:

SSC GK Syllabus & Topics:

The syllabus contains of questions from topics and subjects to assess the candidates’ knowledge of:

  • Current events and affairs of national and international importance
  • General Science and applications in daily life
  • Indian and world history
  • Indian and world’s geography
  • Indian polity and Constitution including Governance in India
  • Economical and social developments.
  • Scientific discoveries and technologies
  • Sports and general knowledge.
  • Books and authors.
  • Important days and dates.
  • Awards and Prizes.

Here is the Examples of the General Knowledge & Current Affairs questions in SSC Examinations :-

1.Which one of the following days is observed as the World Environment Day?

1.28th February
2.4th March
3.5th June
4.16th September

2.When the World population Day is observed?
June 7
July 7
July 11
July 28

3.Mother Language Day was celebrated on

1.March 3, 2000
2.February 21, 2000
3.February 29, 2000
4.February 14, 2000

4.India Discovered was written by

1.John Keats
4.Jawaharlal Nehru

5.The Hero Arthus Kipps was created by?

Marcel Pagnol

6.Who is the author of the book India 2020?

Nibal Singh
Sidney Shelton
Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam

7.Who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2010?

Albert Arnold Gore
Mohammed Unnus
Liu Xiaobo
Mohamed Elbaradei

8.Who was the first Indian to receive a Nobel Prize?

Mother Teresa
Hargobind Tagore
CV Raman
Rabindranath Tagore

9.Which of the following is India’s highest honor in the field of literature?

Vyas Samman
Kalidas Samman
Jnanpith Award
Saraswathi Samman

10.Which state gives Mewar Award?


11.Which is the highest gallantry award in India?

Vir Chakra
Param Vir Chakra
Param Vishishta Seva Medal
Kirti Chakra

12.Atomic theory was devised by

John Dalton
none of these

13.The field of activity of J.C. Bose was ?

None of these

14.Who designed the city Chandigarh?

Le Corbusier
Ferdinand de Lesseps
None of these

15.Who invented the television?

J.L Beard.
Guglielmo Marconi
Thomas Alva Edison.

16.The Wimbledon Championship is played in?


17.How many players are there in a water polo team?


18.Which of these international tennis events is played on a grass court?

US Open
French Open
Australian Open

So I think we have provided a good overview of what type of topics and questions you may face in the question papers’ “General Awareness/General Knowledge or Current Affairs section of competition examination”.
Please use the best study material to prepare.
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