How to Prepare for the GK ?

Read, Understand , Grasp and observe through the mind. Observation feeds the mind while curiosity generates electricity and hunger to prepare.

To prepare for the gk, patience and devotional time are required. Do not just read, merely to learn, rather observe what you read.

Rome was not built in a day.

Is it Tough to learn GK?

School vs Competitions: 

As you study for your school examinations, you cannot study for competitions. You got to ignite your desires and lust to patiently feed the brain piece by piece. As you eat you use your teeth , tongue, lips, throat, so that the food is completely passed into the stomach.

You can never eat a whole mass in a single bite or mouthful.

Similarly reading news papers or you can say licking the news in slices and digesting it in the mind, takes time and patience, anxiety, desire, taste. Please do not think it a burden.

GK Preparation Tips and Simple Tricks

Watch With Wish

Watch the various channels in specific periods , related to the news, discovery , invention events , movies , history , scientific research and sports shuffle. These would fill particular information messages in some slots of the mind. You should always have a wish to watch varieties of programmes.

A Lust to Listen

AMake a habit to listen with care , interest taking your own time. No hurry is permissible. “Lend me your ears” said mark antony (in julius Ceasar )

Not only the indian language but also you must have a lust to listen to foreign english. Hollywood undubbed movies have the american style , which is hard to understand. Practice your ears and senses to absorb the western english. Let me quote some films, the Towering Inferno, The Eagle has landed , Posiedon Adventure , Where eagles Dare. Taste such language and it flavours your mind.

Always Listen to Let in and feed the Brain.

GK Preparation Tips For Government Examinations

Government V/s Candidates

Government Examination , whenever or wherever it is held, carries GK as an indispensable paper. And yes it is too hard or difficult to complete it with a rank. You cannot memorise in just a short time allotted. There are no tricks to learn.

Climbing a Flight of steps in a flight is easy, but leaving similarly is not.

Better proceed step by , learning slice after slice in regular intervals with short breaks.

In Government competition examination question paper , there are a large variety of subjects and topics. All the subjects that you have studied upto matriculation are detailed with analysed information. as there are many sectors namely banking , political , administration , scientific , police , military , railway , foreign affairs , such are their competition examinations.

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