Why is gk Important ?

For promotion, suitable growth, to outsmart and become the front-line, in critical situations of political, business, devotion and to become civilized and educated, GK is very important.

The important of gk in our society is merely clearing the government competition examinations, so as to occupy or get a job in government sector. of course the importance gradually covered infinite fields and the platform of GK kept on varying with unseen limitations.

Student With GK

The life of a student is to study as to choose a career. Smart and rankers incline their interest in GK an extra material for knowledge. To get confined in books seem unnatural for rank-holders.

For toppers to study is not merely books, acquire knowledge and wisdom from whichever source possible.

They have a wish to become wiser through every angle so as to be identified as unique. Students at the summit, create in their minds, burning desires to work out the most difficult and the impossibles to strengthen themselves in limelight.

To become conspicuous do something un-natural, un-expected, beyond competional and un-errored.

Graduates without GK

Rough and un-even schooling results in lower percentages, sometimes unfit for further study. Good collages on the contrary, stick to a cut-off percentage. In case the cut-off is much higher than the school result, admission falls in the dark-ditch. Through monetary (cash) efforts, the so-called-admission is cleared. But most-unfortunately grasping and understanding of the mind remains the dirty-dusty roads. For such-less-literate-graduates, GK is a dream beyond the horizons.

No wish, no efforts for potential work, leads to, wanderer base foot, on foot through the solitary streets.

Memorize And Get A Job

Obvious an average student, reads and learns and forgets. He does not know how to learn and feed the matter. Even un-aware of the process of feeding. Resultantly he has to memorize to clear the examination, so as to get a job. Even i have seen post graduates, without any basic knowledge of their subjects.

Study to succeed, set-up, start salaried service, un-aware, where to wear weared slippers.

GK On Job

A candidate, when clears and succeeds in the various tests, is offered a designation to serve, feels excited on his first job. Tries to forget the academics and steps over to conquer cash. As he feels the experiences of his newly-born service-life, her ascends gradually to gather slice by slice-wealth.

It is the tie now to feel the importance of gk. He had been considering GK as a giant knight or a giant killer. But now he observe that general knowledge is called GK, without which he faces objections, dishonour from the authority. At such a moment he has to step back to rewind the academics. What he says now is

General Knowledge is the essential and necessary diet to operate the computer-mind.

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