Science GK – General Science MCQ Question & Answers

The latin word science means knowledge, is a system to build and organize knowledge in the form of experiments, explanations, observations and their digestion.

How Science GK Classified ?

Science GK is classified in 3 major branches of Natural Sciences namely Physics, Chemistry and Biology in their broadest sense.

Social Science: It include Economics, Psychology and Sociology.

Formal Science: It is a Logic, Maths, and theoretical computer.

Applied Science: It has practical purposes like Engineering and Medicine.

In this way science GK useful for your General Knowledge.

Why Do We learn Science GK?

What is Physics Science ? : It is the knowledge of nature that deals with matter, motion, space, time, energy and force. Advancements in physics mean advanced understanding of Electromagnetism, Nuclear Physics.

Why Study Academics in Physics?

The fundamentals or the basics in physics are to be learnt while schooling so as to create interest in daily Natural happenings like

  • Why does anything fall down?
  • Why do we push the ground while walking, running or jumping?
  • How to you talk to anyone far-away at the mobile?
  • How is there a difference in sound produced by a flute and that created by DJ?

There are many such General Science questions that can be answered only through Physics.

What is Chemistry Science ? : As the title says it refers to Organic and Inorganic reactions.

What you should observe? : 

Whatever you eat or drink or feed goes inside the body and your diet undergoes Organic reactions which result in energy-evolution necessary for the body to work. Inorganic reactions occur in open space like laboratory. 

Why Chemistry is Important ?

The fact is that it is an intermediate subject between physics and biology.


  • Chemistry explain the aspects of plant chemistry (Botany)
  • Formation of igneous rocks (Geology)
  • Environmental Pollutants (Ecology)
  • Properties of soil on the moon(Astrophysics)
  • Medication Works (Pharmacy)
  • How to collect DNA evidence at a crime (Forensic).

What is the formula of water = H2o

The formula of common salt = NaCl

Caustic Soda = NaOH

Caustic Potash = KOH

Alcohol = C2H5OH

Just imagine how much necessary is chemistry and its GK.

What is Biology Science ? : It is the natural science of living organism about their physical structure, chemical processes, physiological mechanism and development.

What is modern Biology? : Call theory, evolution, genetics and homeostasis are four unifying principles.

Life changes and develops through evolution concept of biology.

In a simple and easy way, the study of plants, animals and human body with calls genes and microorganisms in Biology.